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pitching customer surveys

The Dead Fish Test for Customer Surveys

Conducting a survey to prove the need for your product or service is a popular content marketing tool, and with good reason.  Done right, it provides proof your product or service is needed, and a news hook for reporters or editors. But all too often pitches for such surveys arrive in my inbox with a […]

driving SaaS renewals

Three Ways to Lose a SaaS Customer

A recent hack of my Web site led me to sign up with a security as a service (SaaS) vendor to monitor my site. A month in, they emailed to ask if I was pleased. I don’t know, and that is bad. The updates they give me are so unclear, and their service so hard […]

My Kingdom for a Better Sales Pitch

A political fund-raising call I got the other day ended very badly. No, not because I wound up screaming at the caller, or even because I didn’t contribute. It ended badly because the organization almost lost my contribution by boring me with a bland, “one size fits all” script and forcing me to go on-line […]

how to pitch editors and bloggers

When to Stop Nagging and Other PR Questions

What is the best way to pitch a writer – by phone or email? When should I stop calling to ask if you’ve seen my pitch? How much editorial control do vendors exercise over custom content sites? Those were among the questions I got at a recent lunchtime talk at a Boston-area PR firm. I […]

Pokemon Go security

Pokémon Go: Why IT Marketers Should Care

When I was assigned a story on the security risks of Pokémon Go, I groaned. What could be interesting about a game where players chase comic book characters superimposed on the real world on their smart phone? It turns out the enormous popularity of Pokémon Go IS the story. It’s so engrossing players are tumbling […]

how identify target customer content marketing

To Stand Out, Find Your “Micro Niche”

Got a sinking feeling your marketing copy is too “me too?” If so, you’re not alone, according to content marketing guru Joe Pulizzi. He did an excellent post earlier this year arguing that many campaigns fail because the material they offer is too much like everyone else’s. I’m always surprised when I push a client […]

Lose Content Flab, Make Buyers Swoon  

Well, maybe not swoon. But with 55 percent of visitors spending fewer than 15 seconds on Web sites, you don’ want to waste their time before they get you r marketing message. Shorter is often better when it comes to marketing content. But all too often, your in-house experts turn in bloated, unclear, jargon-filled bylined […]

How Much IP Should You Share?

Dragging real insights out of subject matter experts (SMEs) for white papers can sometimes seem like pulling teeth. One of the most common excuses I get is some variation on “We don’t want to give too much of our solution away.” In other words, if you share too much of your intellectual property (IP) with […]

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