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Media Training Gone Bad

Trend stories are a great way to establish a client as an expert and keep their name before potential customers. But while reporting such a trend story recently I had some interviews so bland, so self-evident, so non-committal I’m sure I won’t quote them. That’s a wasted opportunity for the vendor. No matter what a […]

Crooked New Media?

During a recent podcast on the “new media” of blogs and Webcasts, a venture capitalist asked Steve Hall, Publisher of the Adrants blog, what he would do if an advertiser agreed to pay Steve more if his coverage resulted in more click-throughs on the vendor’s ad. Steve, to his credit, said he wouldn’t play favorites […]

No Shame in Good Customer Service

In several conversations with current or potential clients, I’ve seen them struggling with how to market their customer service. In one case, the client insisted their strength was their technology, but their reference customers instead gushed about the quality and speed of their customer service. (“Someone actually answered the phone, and if they didn’t have […]

Mini Trade Pubs Spring Up Online

Many journalists, forced out of their jobs by cuts in the ad revenue that keeps mainstream publications afloat, have turned to blogging about the beats they once covered for mainstream publications. Such blogs, bolstered by the professional writing and reporting skills of their owners, can obviously be a ripe target for PR professionals and a […]

Blogging T’aint Free; Get Over It

I recently spent a fascinating hour podcasting with several colleagues (and new acquaintances) on how blogs and other “social media” are changing tech journalism and tech PR. One striking comment came from veteran PR professional Lois Paul, who says many clients are scared of the effort involved in blogging. “The biggest question CEOs ask is […]

Sinking Tide Lifts All Boats

If you’re doing well you’re not alone: My survey last month of marketing professionals and free-lancers showed that 75 percent reported doing “great” with the rest saying they were doing “OK.” Three quarters cited their “great reputation for quality and service,” with half also citing their marketing efforts and a feeling that clients are “still […]

Are You Ready To Redo Your Website?

I’ve recently been through several Web site rewriting projects, which turned out to be far more than what the client (or I) bargained for. What seemed at first to be a relatively simple exercise in writing or rewriting as bunch of 400-500 page Web pages turned into a much more exhaustive exercise in clarifying the […]

Featurizing Case Studies

I, like you, have seen thousands of case studies, and most of them are pretty formulaic and stiff. This case study from German storage start-p Open-E (a past customer) caught my eye as an intriguing way to break out of the press release box. First, they took a page from the consumer products industry by […]

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