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IT Vendors Big Into Online Marketing

I freed myself from the office for a breakfast seminar sponsored by BtoB Magazine and was glad I did. Not only were the networking opportunities excellent, but the comments from IT vendors Cognos (now part of IBM), Motorola and Novell said a lot about where the dollars are flowing in business to business tech marketing. […]

Piggybacking Customer, Vendor Interviews

 You’ve all been there – a reporter calls asking for a customer to interview for a story, and the vendor who supplies the reference customer asks that one of their spokespeople be interviewed before the reporter talks to the customer. Both interviews take place, but only the customer quote wind up in the story.   […]

Survey Basics

I’ve been getting queries lately from clients  wanting to do surveys whose results will produce mentions of them in the trade press. In previous posts I’ve talked about how to publicize the results, but these recent queries have sent me back to school on the basics of marketing-oriented surveys. Here’s what I learned so far:  […]

IT experts love to throw around terms like SAN, NAS and WAN while their business counterparts mumble about regulations called SOX, PCI-DSS, FSA,  BASEL II and HIPAA. When all these acronyms get built into software, it’s almost impossible to tell what value, if any, it’s providing to a customer. That’s why it was so refreshing […]

Nice Bezel, Baby

Print trade pubs may be hurting for revenue, but they’re not giving away full-color, full-page ads. So why are storage and server vendors wasting their ad dollars with pictures of their hardware like this one? Servers and storage aren’t SUVs or even liquor bottles. Styling doesn’t sell – features, functions and performance do. And let’s […]

A lot of Web sites try, with varying success, to tailor the content they offer based on a reader’s previous browsing or download activity. Sometimes, the results are laughably bad: Husband buys wife a romance novel on Amazon, is forever greeted on log-in with pictures of women with flowing hair in front of castles.) But […]

Single Worst Email Mistake

The three worst words you can include in an email pitch are “Attached please find…’” The editor or reporter already knows there’s a press release attached from the subject line and the attachment icon. Out of the dozens of emails he or she gets every day, why should the editor open yours if you haven’t […]

When Words Are Best

Between blogging, podcasting, advertising and social networking, it’s no wonder advertisers are trying everything under the sun to reach information-saturated customers. But sometimes just plain words work best, assuming they communicate a clear, concise message. This became clear to me while reading Tom Foremski’s excellent Silicon Valley Watcher blog, and checking out an advertising widget […]

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