By creating compelling white papers, case studies, blog posts and other content based on an in-depth understanding of your competitive differentiators. We can create anything from full-fledged email marketing campaigns to white papers, case studies, ghosted articles and blog posts.


 Here are some of the ways we’ve recently helped our clients win in the marketplace.

  • Helped a global IT services provider hone its response to an RFP for a multi-million project. Working from raw copy provided by a multi-national team of subject matter experts, I helped ensure a consistent, professional response that reflected the strategic needs of the customer, as well as my client’s unique strengths.
  • For a multinational software company, analyzed and summarized the results of its in-house market research data to produce a “playbook” to help its OEM customers compete in specific geographies, vertical markets and customer segments.
  • Drove attendance to conferences and educational events sponsored by a major IT trade publication through a series of promotional emails that spoke directly to the needs and interests of CIOs and other high-level IT managers.
  • Helped attract prospects for a cloud-based systems management offering through a detailed white paper describing what to look for in such a product, and how my client meet those needs.
  • Publicized and drove audience involvement in a customer summit for a global IT services firm by posting insightful questions on an on-line forum before and after the event, and through a series of Twitter updates during the event.

All this is in addition to white papers and newsletters that:

  •  Are helping a middleware vendor move from the embedded to the commercial market through detailed technical white papers;
  •  Educate the salesforce of a global IT products and services vendor about the capabilities of one of its service provider partners, in order to drive more sales for the service provider.
  •  Make prospects aware of the benefits of a vendor’s storage virtualization and application performance management products through detailed white papers and case studies, and
  •  Describe the skills a major multinational service provider brings to testing mobile applications through a white paper explaining the unique testing needs of this market, and my client’s proprietary testing methodology.

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Author: Bob Scheier
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I'm a veteran IT trade press reporter and editor with a passion for clear writing that explains how technology can help businesses. To learn more about my content marketing services, email or call me at 508 725-7258.