finding ideas for marketing contentWho are you?

A veteran IT trade press reporter and editor, mostly recently technology editor at Computerworld, with wide experience describing how organizations use technology to help the bottom line. Since 2000 I have been an independent marketing writer helping clients ranging from Microsoft to Oracle, AT&T, Cognizant and Dell translate technical jargon into business benefits.

What do you do?

Working with your internal subject matter experts, I produce clear, compelling and concise:

  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Web copy
  • Blog posts
  • Ebooks
  • Email campaigns
  • Articles for submission to trade publications.
  • Scripts for podcasts, Webinars and promotional videos.
  • Responses to RFPs.
  • Educational material to help your sales force explain your offerings to customers.
  • Edits to existing content product by your staff.

In which areas do you specialize?

  • Cloud
  • Virtualization
  • Storage
  • Security
  • Software testing
  • Enterprise architecture
  • IT management
  • Big Data
  • Global services/outsourcing
  • Use of IT in financial services, health care, telecom

What’s your work process?

Drawing on my years of trade press experience, I “interview” your internal experts and/or customers to get a clear and complete understanding of what you provide and what differentiates you from competitors. I then produce a detailed outline of the content so we can make any needed “course adjustments” and then move quickly to a first draft and as many revisions it takes to satisfy you.  I also provide suggestions for illustrations and diagrams, but not the finished artwork.

How quickly can you complete my project?

Typically, about three to four weeks. I deliver a detailed outline within five working days of receiving all required input from your staff and/or your customers. Next is a first draft within five working days of receiving all feedback on the outline, and a second draft within five working days of receiving all input on the first draft. If required, I can drastically slash this timeframe for rush needs.

What are your rates?

$1.40/word for original content, $110/hour for editing existing content or for development of videos or other content where per word pricing does not accurately reflect the required effort.

Why should I hire you?

  • Superior writing and editing skills.
  • Deep and timely experience writing about virtually every IT product or service.
  • The experience and knowledge to ask insightful questions that uncover your true differentiation in the market.
  • A fierce commitment to meeting deadlines, overcoming obstacles and doing whatever it takes to make you satisfied.
  • The ability to “tune” my writing to any audience, from help desk geek to CIO.

Where can I see recent examples of your work?

Right here.

Who are your “associates?”

Other veteran trade press journalists who can take on projects I don’t have time for, illustrators to make your graphic ideas sing, researchers who can comb the Web for background, survey houses to ping the market for insights, copyeditors for a final quality check and project managers who keep everything on track. We even provide printing (yes, printing) services.

How do I get started?

Call 508 725-7258 or drop me an email.


Author: Bob Scheier
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I'm a veteran IT trade press reporter and editor with a passion for clear writing that explains how technology can help businesses. To learn more about my content marketing services, email or call me at 508 725-7258.