NameTagGraphic4My specialty is explaining complex business or technical questions in clear, concise language. I use my years of IT trade press reporting experience to lead your subject matter experts to explain not just the bits and bytes, but the business benefits of your products and services.

To every engagement I bring a deep understanding of not only information technology but the latest demands and strategic shifts in industries across the economy.  Combined with interviews with thousands of IT buyers over the years, I help you shape compelling insights that drive engagement at any stage of the buying cycle.


Analyzing Big Data requirements for Dell Software.

For Dell Software,  I helped develop and analyze an in-depth report on a Dell-sponsored survey of customer attitudes towards Big Data. The report found that mid-sized organizations are moving quickly to catch up to their larger peers in Big Data usage. Among their top goals: Improve product quality, seize business opportunities and speed decision-making. The biggest causes of failure in big data initiatives are lack of IT/business cooperation and lack of tools and skills. Read the full report and my content marketing recommendations based on it.

Giving Customers a Cloud Security Checklist.

Even as the cloud goes mainstream, security and regulatory issues are still a major roadblock for customers. That makes a “what to watch out for/tip” story a guaranteed draw, especially for prospects who are moving closer to a purchase decision. Read the piece I did for Computerworld uncovering tough security questions customers should ask prospective cloud providers.

Deep Explainer Dive: Doing DevOps Right.

For real thought leadership, long-form content sometimes work best. Working with a team from PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ Technology Forecast magazine, I explained how DevOps (combining application development and operations) helps speed new services to market), and, more importantly, how to “do” DevOps most efficiently.  Among the insights we uncovered were that automation, thoughtful choices, and a well-designed workflow are essential to success. (Check out my advice on how to use security to sell your thought leadership in DevOps.) 

Blog Post: Beware of “Rogue Clouds.”

Research shows that companies that blog generate more leads. For CA Technologies I analyzed research showing how often business units skirt IT control to move workloads to the cloud, and the dangers this poses to the business. I also offered recommendations based on years of IT reporting, including that rather than fight the tide, IT become the “in-house expert” at recommending cloud services.

How to Renegotiate an Outsourcing Contract.

If you are in the services business you know proper management of outsourcers is a make or break skill for CIOs. During my stint as editor of the Global Delivery Report I distilled interviews with consultants and thought leaders for tips on how to renegotiate an outsourcing contract and how to get innovation,and not just lower costs from an outsourcing provider. That’s the type of impartial, practical content marketing that can boost your reputation and profile when customers are ready to buy.

“How-To” SaaS Tips Delivered via Ebook.

An ebook can be an attractive, “quick read” alternative to a white paper – but only if you can distill the key points into less text. It can also be a good way to expand on “key questions to ask” content without going into too much depth. One example is this e-book I wrote for a services provider on “Six Key Things to Look For in Your Software as a Service Provider.”


What Customers Need in their Mobile Toolchest.

Once an IT department knows they need a new capability, the next question is where to focus their spending. Based on extensive reporting, for InfoWorld I zeroed in on three key capabilities enterprises need (cross-platform development, data access, and testing and performance monitoring). For the same package, I explained how content-sharing (both within and outside the organization) is making mobile pay.


Author: Bob Scheier
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I'm a veteran IT trade press reporter and editor with a passion for clear writing that explains how technology can help businesses. To learn more about my content marketing services, email or call me at 508 725-7258.