Spending a day clearing deadfall from the winter here in Boston may be no match for being in Austin for South by Southwest. But I was pleased to see a post from SxSW by Erica Carnevale from Text100 (on their excellent “Hypertext” blog)  with great tips for writing as a “brand publisher.”  They include:

  • Turn your real-time conversation monitoring into context for conversations. Break free of your schedule and let the insights and pain points gleaned from listening to your customers  drive your content strategy.
  • Don’t rely on one form of branded journo – content creation or owned media. Weave together a complete evolved media experience for your customers that brings together the best third-party content, original content created by your brand and content/opinions from peers – provide value to your customers by making it easier than ever to find the information they need – but be transparent and clear about your company’s role in each.
  • Involve external parties – people with journalism backgrounds and agencies with a pulse on your audience’s conversations and motivators – to help you craft your story and avoid creating “non-fiction advertising.” But be sure that your partners are steeped in you brand values or your content will be disingenuous.

A piece by James Fallows in the Atlantic Monthly also provides some perspective that the late, great days of media maybe weren’t that great, and that there’s hope we will learn how to create something of value out of the editor-less, readership-driven, commercial media world.

Good to see others are thinking about when and where the “old” journalism values still have a place in the new media world. Blatant self-promotion: I do an in-depth dive on this in my e-book  examining when and where to spend.

Back to cleaning up the yard…

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