OK, maybe some people are so dumb they don’t know a heater gets hot. But they’re not who’s seeing your marketing content if you’re selling a big-ticket IT product or service. Those types are knowledgeable, have a lot on their plate, and make snap decisions on what to read and not to read. If your marketing collateral doesn’t say anything new and interesting, they’ll move on quickly. What’s the B2B equivalent of “heater gets hot?”


One example is repeating familiar “pain points” ad nauseum, like the need to secure your servers in an age of hackers, or to de-duplicate your data to save money on hard drives. Assume everyone gets the general idea and move quickly to your value proposition, unless there’s a specific element within the pain (i.e., the cost of security, the performance hit of de-deduplication) that you tackle.


Another is saying the same thing six ways, as in “Reducing inefficiency and boosting productivity helps to reduce costs and enhance corporate productivity by making better use of corporate resources.” And for this I got an MBA? Better to give specific examples from customers.


Finally, don't waste time boasting you do what any half-sane vendor would do, like “We tailor a solution to meet your needs.” As opposed to someone else’s needs, like all your competitors? “Tailoring” assumes leaving out what’s not needed. Give a brief example of how you sold a customer ONLY what they needed.


What you don’t want to do is give the prospect an excuse to walk away shaking their head at how clueless you are. Stop and think before taping your dumb sign to the virtual wall.


Author: Bob Scheier
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