It’s good news these days to see a company whose revenue grew more than 70% year over year, as encryption vendor Voltage Security announced today. (They’re even profitable, more to the point.)

It’s an even better story when the earnings press release holds the germ of a trend story, which this does – but not until the sixth graf. That’s when Voltage says one reason for its success is that many customers are using Voltage’s encryption products to reduce the size of their PCI (Payment Card Industry) audits.

For any reporter covering the retail, financial services or credit card industry, that smells like a trend story. For another sentence or two, Voltage could have explained exactly how their encryption helps trim a PCI audit down to size, and roped editors in even further.

Earnings releases – especially those showing growth – are great opportunities to point to new market trends. And trend stories get a vendor a lot more ink than a one-off earnings announcement, no matter how positive. 

Author: Bob Scheier
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