One of the biggest worries I hear from companies looking to launch a newsletter, or blog, is “Who’s going to create the content?” Creating quality content takes time, which none of us has any extra of these days.

Neolane, which provides enterprise marketing software, took a creative and cost-effective approach to this in its marketing newsletter by teasing not only its own white papers, but a post from well-known marketing blogger Adam Needles on how to assess your needs and evaluate the various software vendors in this space. Adam received no compensation for his post, he told me via Twitter, but he did get valuable exposure as a voice to be listened to in the marketing software space (as he just did again, in this blog, of course.)

Neolane, for their part, got free high-quality  content to offer alongside their in-house collateral, and a chance to show they are connected with thought leaders in their industry. And the prospects, to round out this happy story, got in-depth, actionable advice on how to think through their needs that doesn’t read like a sales pitch.

All in all, a pretty cool way to leverage Web 2.0. Where to begin? Do a blog search on your industry,  look for writers you respect and ask them if you can link to their content. Sure beats trying to browbeat your overstressed product managers into churning out copy every month.

Author: Bob Scheier
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