While they don’t use the term “customized content” EMC is among the IT vendors tracking which prospects have read which content, and using that information to tailor future content and offerings to them.


As reported in B2B Magazine the storage giant segments its 3 million leads by a variety of factors, but the most important one is that prospect’s previous interactions with either the company Web site or its sales people. In a classic case of using readership tracking to score leads, “if someone attends a webinar about virtualization and then reads an article in the newsletter about virtualization implementation, he or she might receive a webinar invitation for those people who are further along in the buying process,” the story says.


As for results, B2B reports Webinar registrations are up 30% since the new segmentation went into effect and 50% of all webinar attendees go on to ask for more information about EMC’s products. “Based on list segmentation and dynamically created content, every lead and customer in the e-mail database can, in theory, get a different newsletter, says John A. Smits, global director-database marketing and segmentation.


Its worth noting EMC’s revenue grew eight percent in the fourth quarter even as the global economy was shrinking rapidly. Now, readership tracking probably wasn’t the magic bullet but EMC does have a reputation for solid execution on the sales front. I’ll end by saying you don’t have to be EMC to put these lessons to work: I have cost-effective options to help you better understand, nurture and close your prospects through readership tracking. Just call at 781 599-3262 or email me to learn more.

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