Several weeks ago, I described my own experiment using video linked from my email signature to promote a new marketing service. I’ve since run across another example, featured prominently on the home page of cloud management vendor RightScale, that presents another interesting possibility for zeroing in on specific types of prospects.


My video (now up to 93 views) is a general overview of my service, which is appropriate since it’s pushed out via my email signature and aimed at someone learning about it for the first time. RightScale’s  relies on pull (visitors to the Web site choosing to view it) and is thus very technical, aimed at convincing those who would actually get their hands dirty with it.


If you were tracking readership (viewership) of such collateral, knowing who watched this video (versus a more general product overview) would identify the system admins and database administrators in your audience, allowing you to customize future offers or content for them.


In any case, good for RightScale for knowing their audience and targeting a well-done video at them.

Author: Bob Scheier
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