For some time I’ve been talking about the benefits of marketing-automation software to better identify quality leads, improve the relationship between marketing and sales and make it easier to manage marketing campaigns. Lo and behold, a recent survey from Marketing Sherpa shows these are among the major benefits users are actually seeing. All is not completely rosy, though: The survey also showed that 68 percent of marketing automation software users felt they were either underutilizing their marketing automation software, or their use of it was only fair.

The biggest obstacles, customers reported, was that their in-house staff lacked the time and the training to master the software. Those who reported the most success were those who named a person, or even a dedicated team, to administer and monitor the new marketing automation tools. Critical success factors in naming such a dedicated person/team, says Marketing Sherpa, are to  clearly define their role and to include sales in defining the criteria used to score and qualify leads.

If you don’t have an extra person or team to throw at this job, consider outsourcing the work to an outside vendor who lives and breaths marketing automation all day. The extra cost could more than pay for itself in more sales at a lower cost per transaction. You can see the Marketing Sherpa report until February 4th.    You can also see a Webcast of a fuller survey through their partner Babcock & Jenkins.  

Author: Bob Scheier
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