I recently asked a B2B marketer if they were customizing their content based on prospects' reading choices, and he said “Sure. If they downloaded a free trial, we send them an email asking if they want an SE (sales engineer) to call.”


That’s a great start, but only scratches the surface of using customized content to streamline the lead generation and sales cycle. The fact a prospect downloaded a free trial doesn’t tell you anything about what size organization they’re in, what competitive products they’re considering or even whether they’re a reseller or an end customer


In today’s uncertain economy, the old sales model of maintaining an army of expensive sales reps and keeping them on the phone (or on the road) all day just doesn’t fly. By tweaking some of your existing content so it focuses on, say, enterprise-level customers vs.B2B prospects, or on technical vs. business-minded prospects, you can better focus your expensive sales force on the highest-quality leads. Click here for my new white paperwith specific examples on how B2B vendors can profit from customized content, or drop me an email to learn about our reduced-price offers of marketing programs using customized content.

Author: Bob Scheier
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