Here are two words you don’t hear too often these days: “Revenue grew.” As in: Online revenue for tech publisher TechTarget grew 27 percent in the gloomy third quarter over the same results last year. Total revenue (which also includes print advertising and other sources) grew a less impressive, but still notable, eight percent.


What’s more, TechTarget expects the fourth quarter to at least stay steady, at between $25-26 million. Not bad on a day when electronics retailer Circuit City declares bankruptcy and shipper DHL cuts 9,500 jobs. When a shipper cuts jobs right before the start of the busy holiday shopping season, you know times ain’t great.


This further vindicates TechTarget’s strategy of giving IT vendors online “channels” of content (both independent and vendor-provided) geared to each reader’s specific needs. TechTarget is now up to dozens of content “channels” ranging from general topics such as security and storage to product specific channels such as Exchange ad SAP to other sub-slices such as storage for SMB’s (small to medium businesses.)


Generic “one size fits all” content delivery is out. Whether you’re delivering information via a print publication, a third party on-line channel such as TechTarget or your own email marketing campaigns, customizing content so it reads the reader’s very specific needs is one way to thrive – or at least survive—the downturn.


Author: Bob Scheier
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