You’re tried blogging, podcasting, networking, Twittering, Flickering and Facebooking. But have you tried just plain pleading with people to buy?

One Boston-area retailer did that in yesterday’s Boston Globe. It ain’t subtle, but you have to admit it’s eye-catching. It made me want to stop by just to see who’d be crazy enough to place such an ad and what bargains they’re offering. It reminded me of the National Lampoon cover from the 1970s.

I wonder if fessing up to the tough times is a sign of desperation, or a refreshing bit of honesty that cuts through the usual marketing clutter? Are IT customers stressed out and bummed out enough that they want some comic relief, or does fear of losing their jobs make them cry out for ever more sober, adult marketing messages?

Just for the record, I am a confirmed dog-lover. But if I don’t get some feedback here, there’s no telling what I’ll do.

Author: Bob Scheier
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