Marketers using Web forms to generate leads are stuck on a tightrope: Ask too many questions, and response rates dive. Ask too few questions, and marketers have too little information on which to score prospects, and no way to contact them if they score well.


Research shows the best time to ask for detailed information such as a phone number is when the prospect is interested enough to welcome a follow-up sales call. Asking too many questions before that can drive off possible customers and waste expensive sales calls on prospects that aren’t ready to buy.


One way off the tightrope is not to ask questions up-front, but to score prospects based on what they read. To get the most out of such readership tracking, customize your collateral so different pieces appeal to prospects that fit various scoring criteria. That way, when a prospect chooses that piece of collateral, you've learned more about them than if they just chose a generic case study or one-size-fits-all white paper.  You can ask for their contact info when their reading choices show they’re ready for a sales call, while continuing to nurture cooler prospects until they, too, are ready for a call.


Read why and how to customize your content (with specific examples for common scoring questions) in my new white paper.

Author: Bob Scheier
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