The other week I blogged about an IT vendor who is spending more on old-fashioned, print custom pubs (hence the dead trees reference) because customers are getting overwhelmed with marketing collateral that requires a computer or iPod to access.


Now comes news that, on the heels of Barack Obama’s historic win, sales of newspapers (you remember them) soared the morning after. Many people said they wanted a physical reminder of the day. Another reason, I think, is that when people want to learn what a dramatic change means to them, and to absorb complex information from multiple points of view, it’s hard to beat sitting down with a physical printed object.


From a sales perspective, that means print copy can a valuable tool for certain types of prospect at specific points in the purchase cycle. Here are some ideas for subjects that will hook stressed B2B customers in a sinking economy:


Ten point plans for using a product or technology to achieve strategic business goals such as driving sales.

White papers explaining how to implement and configure complex technologies to reduce costs such as power, heating and staffing.

White papers or case studies explaining how the use of your technology helped lower costs or increase sales in a specific vertical market.

White papers or case studies that show how your product or service helped a customer cope with current problems like falling sales and budgets.


In times of doom and gloom, people want leadership, and you can offer it in sales collateral as well as in a campaign speech. Make it compelling enough, and they’ll want a printed copy to keep, just like a day-after election front page.

Author: Bob Scheier
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