More than half of large organizations have already cut their marketing budgets due to the financial crisis, and almost half will cut traditional print, TV and radio ad spending in favor of email marketing and other on-line marketing tools.

That’s the word from Marketing Sherpa in a podcast summarizing research done the week of  September 29th on how the downturn is affecting marketing. 53 percent of large organizations have made cuts in their marketing budgets, with the biggest hits being taken by advertising in traditional media such as TV and newspapers. While organizations are cutting travel to trade shows, the Sherpa research shows, they are increasingly relying on events themselves to draw in prospects.

Online marketing methods such as email marketing are seen as “low cost, high ROI,” according to Marketing Sherpa Research Director Stefan Tornquist. He suggested the downturn could be an opportunity for small to medium size niche players who have money to spend to make a name for themselves.

He also suggested in-house marketing departments focus on doing a few things well, measure their contribution to the organization and communicate those measurements to the rest of the organization. Marketing departments who do so, says Tornquist, will make a strong case for why they exist, and why they deserve a budget even in tough times.


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Author: Bob Scheier
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