A client with whom I was discussing lead generation recently asked me how much a list of prospects cost. The answer is: Less and less as economic chills grow.


An otherwise gloomy story on how the economic downturn is chilling demand for direct marketing services also noted that prices are falling for email lists. In fact, B2B magazine reports, “the steepest decline in terms of total dollars was in b-to-b permission-based e-mail lists, which fell to $293 per thousand, down from $305 a year earlier.”


There may be less demand for prospect lists, but marketers are trying to use the lists they buy more intelligently by analyzing the prospects and their behavior. The story quoted Peter Johnson, senior economist and VP-strategy, analysis and planning at the Direct Marketing Association as saying “We're still seeing a lot of growth in targeted online advertising and search.” The story also quoted some observers as saying companies are still hiring marketers for analytics positions, as part of a quest to make sure marketing pays its way in a down economy.


Just as the Web tanked demand for print advertising years ago, an oncoming economic chill will make it harder and harder to justify marketing that doesn’t have a short-term ROI, such as generating leads.

Author: Bob Scheier
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