No, I’m not going to give you a detailed macro-economic analysis of how much less failing investment will spend on 10-Gbit LANs or quad-core processors to run their risk-modeling software.

I’m talking about something much more basic: Explaining every technical term in your marketing copy, as soon as you mention it, so you don’t lose the reader.


What brought up this rant? While reading the morning paper, a friend saw a story about how money market funds, long considered safe investments, are running into trouble. My friend – highly educated and highly intelligent – asked me “Are money market funds the same as my checking account?”


The story didn't explain what a money market fund is. I didn't have a good explanation, either, so we dropped the conversation, and she stopped reading the story.


As it turns out, money market funds are a form of mutual fund, while money market accounts are a form of bank savings account that pays higher interest than a normal bank account. According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Company (which at last check IS still functioning just fine) money market accounts are insured by the federal government, while money market funds are not.


If the story had explained that difference, my friend would have learned more but, just as importantly, might have kept reading the story – and newspapers need every reader they can get these days.

B2B companies need every customer they can get these days, too. Make sure you keep them involved by explaining every technical term or piece of industry jargon the first time you mention it, and explain why they should care about it. Losing a customer to a shaky economy is one thing; losing them to bad writing is inexcusable.

Author: Bob Scheier
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