Are you getting the most bang for your marketing buck? Not if you're just sticking a white paper on your Web site and waiting for the registration forms to come in. You put a lot of  time and money into creating a white paper that educates your prospects and keeps your name in front of them. That content is too valuable to leave behiind a link on your Web site waiting to be found.

Web marketer Larry Chase has a great list of white paper marketing tips that range from creating snazzy titles, to how to promote your white paper in an email newsletter and  great ideas for reusing white papers. (He also has good recommendations about content for white papers, such as keeping them informative rather than just warmed-over sales pitches.)

Two things he didn’t mention were using a white paper as the foundation for a Webinar or podcast, and using them as part of an integrated marketing campaign which tracks readership of white papers (among other marketing collateral) to track a prospect’s readiness to buy. With so much up-front investment in white papers, I often wonder what it would take to get customers to go the extra distance and keep using them as tools to generate sales leads.


Author: Bob Scheier
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