…but actually, I love to. Several years back, I began describing how IT vendors could use email readership tracking to help close long, complex sales. My idea was that by tracking which specific readers looked at which portions of your Website or downloaded specific white papers or demos, you could determine which are the likeliest prospects and steer customized content or offers to them.

Back then, I felt like I voice crying in the wilderness. Using readership tracking to drive sales is now a hot topic with consulting firms such as Aberdeen. Also, when I first began writing about this, there was no off-the-shelf technology to do the job. Now, this is a whole product category called integrated marketing, with vendors such as Eloqua and Marketo competing to see who can provide the deepest analysis of the most marketing channels, and pile on the most extra features such as lead scoring and ROI analytics.

Jupiter Research and Gartner Inc., among others, report that targeted-emails and event-triggered email campaigns (such as sending a customized email after a customer sees a demo) increase conversion rates by three to five times as much as random blasts.

Just like the first time I wrote about this, the economy is down, clients have less to spend on unfocused marketing efforts, and anything that drives sales is key. The difference is that now, there’s proof these efforts work, and there’s a boatload of off-the-shelf software to make the analysis easier. All that’s needed is marketers who are willing to get their hands dirty with actual demand generation, and to be measured on their results.  

Author: Bob Scheier
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