In several conversations with current or potential clients, I’ve seen them struggling with how to market their customer service.

In one case, the client insisted their strength was their technology, but their reference customers instead gushed about the quality and speed of their customer service. (“Someone actually answered the phone, and if they didn’t have the answer, someone else called me within five minutes!”) In the second case, an outsourcing firm filled its Web site with talk about its supposedly unique, and high-sounding, “frameworks” for working with customers.

Don’t make it this complicated. If your strength is superior customer service, trumpet that! In today’s outsourced world, it’s a miracle to get someone on the phone who actually gives a hoot about the customer and can solve their problem. At least some of your customers will pay some premium for such service, especially if it keeps their critical systems running, cuts their own support costs and keeps the registers ringing.

Market your customer service by describing specifically how and why it’s better:

How: Stay away from clichéd or overly broad statements like “We are truly committed to total customer satisfaction…” or “Customer service is in our blood.” Instead, give specific proof points and examples, such as quotes from customers or (even better) average call response times, percent of issues solved on the first call, etc.

Why: If you have special training or incentive programs, describe them briefly and specifically, without puzzling jargon. “We put all our employees, from the janitor up, through a six-week intensive customer service class,” or (even better) “Everyone from the receptionist up gets a bonus each quarter based on our total customer service rankings.”

Don’t be ashamed if quality customer service, not bleeding-edge technology, is your strong suit. Any old start-up can hire geniuses, but finding employees who care? That’s innovation.

Author: Bob Scheier
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