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how to write a press release

No Contact Info? Then Don’t Do a Press Release

There’s a one-sentence error that almost guarantees an editor, blogger or other influencer won’t call for more information, a chat with your CEO or enough details to write about your latest  announcement. And I’m seeing more and more vendors making this mistake all the time. The mistake is not in a sentence they include in […]

How to write a PR pitch

Avoid These Four Pitching Sins

Forbes recently reported that 68% of reporters are unhappy with the pitches they get from corporate communications and PR types. Here are four pitching sins I see almost every day, with my suggested improvement in italics. Sin #1: Vagueness “Hi, Bob – I wanted to touch base to see if you would be interested in […]

Can Better Training Boost Software Sales?

A recent piece in Business Week claims that the bad old days of salesmen bamboozling big customers into overpriced, overcustomized enterprise software are gone. The rise of easy-to-try cloud software and savvier customers means the profile for the ideal sales rep has shifted, has one source says, from “aggressive and persistent to technical and smart.” […]

With software already writing routine stories for The Associated Press (my former employer) it’s only natural to wonder when such apps might start writing press releases, cases studies, Tweets, blog posts and other marketing content. The AP claims its robo-writing of sports and quarterly-earning pieces hasn’t cost any jobs, but freed staffers to create more […]

Do We Need An Edward Snowden for Security?

Some people are grateful to former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden for revealing massive detail about our government’s intelligence activities. Others think he’s a traitor who’s harmed our national security. One thing you have to admit: He’s gotten us all thinking about the proper balance between privacy and national security. He’s also changed behavior […]

By Gretchen Dukowitz Case studies – love ’em or hate ’em – remain a critical part of the content marketing mix for almost every B2B organization. To some, they may seem stodgy (or dare I say boring?), but CMI research shows more companies are using them – 77% in 2015 – and 58% say they’re […]

marketing a platform company

Four Tips for Selling Platforms

If you hang around the geekier edges of the tech marketing world, you’ve heard a lot in the past few years about APIs, or application programming interfaces. APIs are what developers use to develop applications or services for an operating system like Windows (in the old days) or for a cloud service like Amazon (in […]

Want Good Writers? Make Onboarding Easy

Today, I give you an exciting post about how to onboard writers to the content management systems that handle your marketing content. Bored already? So am I, which is the point. When you’re trying to develop a lot of marketing content very quickly for the launch of a major B2B Web site (as a Fortune […]

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