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Big Data marketing tips

How Big Data Will Fail. Why That’s Good

When clients ask for “thought leadership” white papers, they want  ideas that aren’t yet common knowledge and that will grab and keep readers. Here’s some thought leadership about the hot topic of Big Data: It can do massive harm if you use it to ask the wrong questions, overload users with documentation, implement it with […]

product comparisons content marketing

Four Tips for Doing “Buyer’s Guides” Right

Here’s an ideas for radical “transparency” in product marketing: Do an exhaustive comparison of your products and services vs. your competitors. Get down and dirty in specific areas like platform support, ease of management, need for staff retraining, and overall return on investment. And make this an impartial comparison of the players that will establish […]

Internet of Things marketing

Marketing Tips for Selling the IoT

Remember all the dumb ideas that crashed and burned in the Internet bubble? Think Pets.com, based on the idea that consumers would rather order heavy packages of pet food online, pay delivery charges and wait for it rather than just pick it up at a local store. It took years for businesses like Amazon to […]

All Alone On LinkedIn? Try These Four Tips

Ever since the days of bulletin boards in the late 1980s, I’ve been involved in efforts to create on-line “communities” of IT professionals. Most have failed, making me wonder what it would take to get IT (or any other professionals) to share useful ideas, comments and suggestions that would draw and keep readers on a […]

Why “Digital” Means Nothing, and Everything

The more enthusiastically people use jargon, the less they understand it. Judging by how often I see “digital” and “digitization” no one has a clue what it means. Digital means, of course, the representation of information as ones” and “zeros.” A 1959 IBM 7000 series mainframe is just as “digital” as a Nest smart thermostat […]

best practices case study

Why This Pitch Worked, In Six Steps

Having recently complained about four sins to avoid while pitching stories, it’s only fair to highlight this recent press release that got it right in six important areas. Here’s the release, along with (in italics) my take on what they did right. (FWIW, neither Sabrina Sanchez of The Ventana Group (who sent this on) or […]

how to write a press release

No Contact Info? Then Don’t Do a Press Release

There’s a one-sentence error that almost guarantees an editor, blogger or other influencer won’t call for more information, a chat with your CEO or enough details to write about your latest  announcement. And I’m seeing more and more vendors making this mistake all the time. The mistake is not in a sentence they include in […]

How to write a PR pitch

Avoid These Four Pitching Sins

Forbes recently reported that 68% of reporters are unhappy with the pitches they get from corporate communications and PR types. Here are four pitching sins I see almost every day, with my suggested improvement in italics. Sin #1: Vagueness “Hi, Bob – I wanted to touch base to see if you would be interested in […]

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