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Writing for the Ear

Clients today typically want a multimedia campaign that includes not only print ads, white papers and product briefs but Webinars and podcasts.  "Spoken" content keeps the customer educated, involved, and aware of the client’s brand. But writing for the ear, rather than for the eye, requires some special tweaks.  I first learned these back in […]

Keeping Press Tours On Track

I recently had a briefing from a vendor looking to stage a comeback in an important product area. (The examples below are disguised to protect the guilty.) This was a great opportunity to position themselves as thought leaders, but they blew it by forgetting some of the basics of good media relations.  These include: Have […]

Working With Free-Lancers

You think you’ve found a freelance writer for that new piece of marketing collateral to support a new product announcement.  Now, how can you get the best work out of him, or her, with the least time and effort? 1) Know what you want. The writer can’t do a good job until they know about […]

Ditch the Generic Newsletter

Do you ditch most of the print or email newsletters you get without opening them? So do I, because they’re full of generic marketing fluff that’s useless to me. Here are some tips for keeping your newsletters out of the trash bin or deleted folder. DON’T just repeat old news or advice. Every winter or […]

Responding to an Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is as close to a free lunch as you get in the PR business: A freely accessible list of what stories specific writers will be doing in the coming months. But as free lunches go, it’s kind of skimpy. Most edit calendar topics are impossibly vague, because the assigning editor can’t come […]

A Good, Newsy, PR Pitch

The following is an e-mail from Courtney Smith, PR coordinator at network security vendor Stillsecure, I received right before Microsoft’s launch of Vista: "As you may know, Microsoft is launching Windows Vista for enterprise customers tomorrow.  While Vista brings promises of better security, it only marks the client phase of Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP).  […]

Portals, Vortals and Porlets

When is a portal not a portal, but a vortal? Has your portal given birth to portlets  yet? And what’s the difference between a portal, a Website and a gateway? Don’t know?  Join the club.  Some people say a portal is the first Webpage a consumer sees when they hit the public Web (for example […]

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