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ArrowVeteran IT trade press editors and IT marketers with years of experience understanding the needs of enterprise IT customers, and of the hardware, software and services vendors offer them. who are most ready to buy.

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ArrowWe not only produce outstanding marketing copy (email newsletters, blog posts, white papers and case studies) but can track its readership to help you identify those prospects who are most ready to buy.

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ArrowWe combine superior writing skills with in-depth knowledge of information technology. We then use our journalism experience to tailor copy to where prospects are in the buying cycle. who are most ready to buy.

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Behavioral Targeting: Good or Evil?

As many of you know, I’ve been touting the benefits of behavioral marketing for some time now, Behavioral marketing refers, of course, to tracking what a reader does (which white papers or Webinars they click through to) in order to better target future content to them. Is this a service to readers, giving them more […]

Grab ‘Em with Headlines

While I’ve always prided myself on writing good headlines, I never subjected it to strict research methodologies the way our quantitative-oriented friends at Marketing Experiments recently did. Among the things they found: The first objective of a headline is not to sell, but to STOP the reader and get them to read on to the subhead; […]

When it comes to white papers, I’m not just a producer – I’m also a consumer, relying on existing white papers to explain a client’s technology to me, or to bring me up to date on a hot topic for a feature story. Having sat on both sides of the fence – as a writer […]

Which Blog Posts Work Best?

In the best blogging tradition, I’m stealing…er, linking to an excellent post from Mark White, a blogging consultant in England,explaining the various types of blog posts and how they can help your business. Among my personal favorites are “Expertise Sharing” (in which you share your skill or expertise, increasing customers’ confidence in you and giving […]

Good for Us! We Don’t Hire Crooks

 When the product or service you sell is fairly common, you have to stress what makes you better, such as the quality of your service or the background of your staff. Before you do, though, make sure you’re pitching something that matters to your customer, not just to you.  I got an example of how […]

Tips: Get the Most From White Papers

Are you getting the most bang for your marketing buck? Not if you're just sticking a white paper on your Web site and waiting for the registration forms to come in. You put a lot of  time and money into creating a white paper that educates your prospects and keeps your name in front of […]

Hate to say I told you so…

…but actually, I love to. Several years back, I began describing how IT vendors could use email readership tracking to help close long, complex sales. My idea was that by tracking which specific readers looked at which portions of your Website or downloaded specific white papers or demos, you could determine which are the likeliest prospects […]

A blogger who calls himself “The IT Skeptic” begins one post by calling one technology a "dead elephant’: a great putrescence in the corner of the room that everyone studiously ignores, stepping around it and ignoring the stench…” Sound over the top? Well, consider that this blog on CMDBs (configuration management databases, which store information about […]

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