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ArrowVeteran IT trade press editors and IT marketers with years of experience understanding the needs of enterprise IT customers, and of the hardware, software and services vendors offer them. who are most ready to buy.

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ArrowWe not only produce outstanding marketing copy (email newsletters, blog posts, white papers and case studies) but can track its readership to help you identify those prospects who are most ready to buy.

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ArrowWe combine superior writing skills with in-depth knowledge of information technology. We then use our journalism experience to tailor copy to where prospects are in the buying cycle. who are most ready to buy.

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Next Hot Trend: Print Marketing?

No, your daily newspaper and weekly trade pub aren’t roaring back from the edge of the grave. I’m talking about custom print pubs for customers and prospects overwhelmed by offers to watch Webcasts, hear podcasts, keep up with blogs, check their social networks and do other stuff that requires a keyboard and a screen. Two […]

Bright Spot in a Downturn: List Prices Fall

A client with whom I was discussing lead generation recently asked me how much a list of prospects cost. The answer is: Less and less as economic chills grow.   An otherwise gloomy story on how the economic downturn is chilling demand for direct marketing services also noted that prices are falling for email lists. […]

Stay Focused, Prove Your Worth

More than half of large organizations have already cut their marketing budgets due to the financial crisis, and almost half will cut traditional print, TV and radio ad spending in favor of email marketing and other on-line marketing tools. That’s the word from Marketing Sherpa in a podcast summarizing research done the week of  September […]

Financial Crisis Advice: Think First, Then Panic

Or, better yet, think and don’t panic. If you’ve been in business for more than a few years, you’ve seen a number of these economic crises come and go – the dot-com bust, 9/11, Enron, and now the housing/credit crunch. Whenever and however this plays out, some companies will fare better and others will fare […]

Ahem: What Financial Crisis Means for Tech Marketers

No, I’m not going to give you a detailed macro-economic analysis of how much less failing investment will spend on 10-Gbit LANs or quad-core processors to run their risk-modeling software. I’m talking about something much more basic: Explaining every technical term in your marketing copy, as soon as you mention it, so you don’t lose the […]

Behavioral Targeting: Good or Evil?

As many of you know, I’ve been touting the benefits of behavioral marketing for some time now, Behavioral marketing refers, of course, to tracking what a reader does (which white papers or Webinars they click through to) in order to better target future content to them. Is this a service to readers, giving them more […]

Grab ‘Em with Headlines

While I’ve always prided myself on writing good headlines, I never subjected it to strict research methodologies the way our quantitative-oriented friends at Marketing Experiments recently did. Among the things they found: The first objective of a headline is not to sell, but to STOP the reader and get them to read on to the subhead; […]

When it comes to white papers, I’m not just a producer – I’m also a consumer, relying on existing white papers to explain a client’s technology to me, or to bring me up to date on a hot topic for a feature story. Having sat on both sides of the fence – as a writer […]

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