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How Tough Questions Drive Compelling Content  

Are your pitches, blogs, videos, podcasts and white papers rehashes of vague buzzwords like transformation and digital? To avoid pumping out “me-too” messaging, push yourself (and your in-house subject matter experts) to dig deeper and come up with specific, actionable advice for your potential customers. One great example comes from a story about data analytics […]

“List” stories are a staple in journalism and in marketing copy. Think “Five Things You Should Consider When Buying an SDD” (solid state drive,) “Five Things to Know about HIPAA-compliant Cloud Storage” and this five-step list from Dell Inc. on how to secure the Internet of Things. Such “list” stories work well, if they’re done […]

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Need Content? Think Before You Write

Before spending time, effort and money just to get some content in front of customers, stop and think about what they need to know and how your content will keep you top of mind for their next purchase. Sound obvious? I thought so, too, but according to Forrester Research Vice President Laura Amos, a lot […]

“What do I write next?” At each stage of a drip marketing campaign, you need something different, interesting, and compelling to keep the reader engaged as they move from awareness to consideration to comparison to purchase. Showing readers why they should care about an ongoing story is a challenge newspaper, broadcast and trade press editors […]

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Why Do Your Industry Trend Pitches Fall Flat?

If you’re like most PR reps, you struggle with getting trade pubs to understand what’s so intriguing about your clients and give them the proper coverage. Many of you try to sell client’s success as an “industry trend” story. But how’s that working for ya? My guess: Not very well. Here’s why, from an editor’s […]

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How to Be Your Own Trade Pub

The brutal mugging of the trade press at the hands of the Internet has meant fewer opportunities to place news story or opinion pieces. A recent post by Katherine Griwert at the Content Marketing Institute shows how to attract prospects to your site by publishing industry news on your own. She cites security-as-a-service provider ProofPoint Inc., […]

You Make Me Feel So…Optimized

As Valentine’s Day approaches, do these words set you afire? I’m guessing not. That’s because “optimize” is a vague buzzword that could mean anything and, thus, means nothing. I see this term every day in the raw material clients give me as prep for white papers, blog posts, bylined articles and other content marketing. I […]

During my years hearing vendor pitches as an editor, I’d always ask “Who are your competitors?” to help position the pitch in my mind. It was a standing joke among reporters that the marketing folks would always respond “Well, we HAVE no competitors…” The reason: their product or service was so full-featured, easy to use, […]