how to check content for depth, originality, timelinessIn keeping with the traditional end of year naval-gazing (or if you need a break from last-minute gift online shopping) here’s a “print and post” checklist for making sure you’re giving prospects what they want in marketing content.

How do I know this is what prospects want? Because they told us, in a survey whose results ring very true based on my years as a trade press editor.

Hope you find this helpful.

What Prospects Want How to Tell If You’re Delivering It
  • Have I answered the reader’s questions at each stage from awareness to consideration to evaluation and selection?
  • Have I described specifically how my offering works and why it’s better than the competition?
  • Have I explained the applications and technical environments for which my offering is best suited?
  • Have I described what it takes to manage and scale my offering after it’s deployed?
Accessible and understandable information
  • Have I used jargon such as “solution” or clearly described what I’m selling as hardware, software and/or services?
  • Have I described how I solve the reader’s business challenges (higher sales, lower costs, improved quality, etc.) as well as meet their technical needs?
  • Have I used the type of language I would with a friend over a drink?
  • Have I spelled out all acronyms?
  • Have I told the reader anything they didn’t already know?
  • Have I just repeated “evergreen” challenges or explained how to meet those challenges in a new and better way?
  • Have I provided new context or a new way of thinking that will help the prospect even if they don’t buy from me?
  • Have I told the prospect why they need to read this content right now?
  • Am I writing this just because I have something to sell or because of a change in the technology, business or regulatory environment my prospects need to know about?
  • Will reading this content now help the reader make more money, keep their job, get a raise or go home earlier?

Download a postable version of this chart here.  Drop me a note if I overlooked any must-haves or, of course, if you could use a bit of outside help hitting any of these sweet spots.

Author: Bob Scheier
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