Don’t let this guy steal your content marketing message.

A recent excellent post by CEO Patrick Murphy of inbound marketing agency Silicon Cloud asked whether too many organizations are doing content marketing. Or, rather, whether they’re doing the wrong kind of content marketing, overusing topical themes (like the election, Christmas, the Super Bowl, etc.).

As Murphy points out, it’s a fine idea to go with a topical hook as an attention-getter – as long as you don’t overdo it. He asks, very properly, whether “the 12 days of IT support (will) still feel like a relevant post to a market that read last year’s post, 12 days of Email Archiving? Or a rival brand’s post that makes similar points under the title Is Your IT Support Naughty or Nice?”

Murphy recommends, and I agree, that the best cure for this overkill is to be original and make sure the content is structured to capture the readers’ interest in what you’re selling and not, say, the Grinch. I’ll build on his recommendations with specific questions to ask yourself when you’re tempted to overdo the topical route:

  • Are you, yourself, sick and tired of seeing far-fetched connections between the event and marketing copy? If so, your readers are probably are also. Don’t add to the overkill.
  • Is there a genuine connection between the event and what you’re writing about or are you just jumping on the bandwagon?  Limit overkill by only using a topical slant when there’s a genuine connection that helps prove your point.
  • When in doubt, don’t. If you have a choice between adding to the mass chorus or providing insight that only you have, about a very specific topic, go with the insight. After all, isn’t that what you’re selling?

Let me know if sticking with your specialized expertise works for you, even during the holidays, or if I’m just being a Grinch. Oops, did it again!

Don’t let this guy steal your content marketing message.

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