The frigid cold along Route 128 the other morning didn’t keep a standing-room-only crowd from Schwartz Communications’ Breakfast Roundtable on content marketing (using information shared on the Web to drive sales.) Featured speakers were Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at online marketing site MarketingProfs, and Brian Halligan, CEO of inbound marketing software vendor HubSpot.

Among the ideas and tips they tossed out for making the most of your blogs, Tweets, emails, videos, etc.: 

1) The title of your blog post is more important than the content, both to draw readers and to optimize its search engine ranking. Including hot key words and being snarky (i.e., edgy) helps.

 2)  The higher up the org chart you’re selling (like to CEOs and CFOs, the fewer words and the more pictures the better.

 3) Speaking of which, blog posts with photos or illustrations get more readership than those without them.

 4) Along with that photo, add a discrete “call to action” at the end of every post. (“For more information…”)

 5) Video is fading as the hot medium to “go viral” and be passed around the Web. What works now: Easy-to-read charts, especially those showing usable data from your original research.

 6) Mix up your posts up with something light and/or personal every now and then to keep readers’ awake and to build a relationship with them. Hey, did I tell you my knee is acting up again?

 7) While HubSpot uses both channels to promote itself, it gets a lot more paying customers from LinkedIn than from Twitter.

 8) Both long and short blog posts can work, but about one page (screen) of content seems to draw the most readers.

 9) For whatever reason, ebooks draw up to double the downloads of white papers. Maybe it’s because CEOs are looking at all the pictures.

 10) Email marketing is getting less effective every year, while social media marketing is getting more effective.

 11) Seven out of ten emails are read on mobile devices, so make sure yours read well on them.

 12)  f you can’t think of anything else to write, do a “Top Tips” list.

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