Still think social media is only for teenagers or ditsy trend-followers? Check out this story from B2B on how even very technical, engineering-driven companies are using social media to engage and motivate customers. What’s as interesting as the fact they ARE using social media is how they are rigorously measuring the impact of social media, and optimizing various social media channels for different types of customers.

At telecom equipment vendor Avaya, Global Managing Director of Services and Social Marketing Paul Dunay has focused an existing flood of blogs and Tweets on four objectives: listening (to conversations), supporting (customers), energizing (the community), spreading (Avaya’s vision) and embracing (product ideas). “We’re using Twitter as a ‘teaser’ channel, Facebook as a hub of information, forums as a type of help desk and blogs as our corporate voice,” Dunay says.

At semiconductor firm Analog Devices, director-marketing for the GP DSP division Robert DeRobertis measures the effectiveness of social media so carefully that “My CFO knows that if he cuts one key element in my plan, it will have an impact on revenue.” He also says his program closely tracks the customer buying process, “staying abreast of important influencers who guide these processes and aggressively featuring offers.”

And at specialty alloy developer Indium Corp., Director of Marketing Communications Rick Short posts casual photos of employees at work and simple, content-rich video product demonstrations and tests aimed at a highly technical customer base. Not only are customers enthusiastic, he says, but Indium employees have responded as well – with white paper output by Indium employees increasing 50% per year for the past three years.

That in and of itself could pay for your social media efforts right there – assuming your engineers are good enough writers. If they're not, there’s always us ink-stained wretches still looking for work


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