Just as soon as I asked the question “How Much Content Tailoring Is Too Much” I got an answer – or at least part of an answer — from the good folks at Marketing Sherpa.


In answer to a question at a training Webinar last week, the presenters suggested a simple three-pronged approach to tailor white papers to various phases of the buying cycle, and to different types of customers.


 “Type 1” would target the awareness stage, addressing major concerns of end

 users who tend to get involved at the start of the purchase process. It would

provide “research or insights into a broad industry trend or your prospects’ operational challenge which your products or service helps manage.”


Type 2 would target the research and negotiation phases, answering questions of interest to influencers such as the IT staff that installs or manages new software.


Type 3, the final type, would target the purchase stage and economic decision makers such as CFOs, and might describe cost savings, efficiency improvements or increased sales other customers have experienced.


MarketingSherpa also pointed out that fewer than four in ten B2B marketers now tailor content to specific stages of the buying cycle, meaning if you do you get a jump on 62 percent of your competitors.


If you’re thinking that even customizing three white papers is too much for your overworked self and/or staff, I’ll gentle remind you of my free trial offer that includes not only customized content, but the use of a tracking service that tells you which prospects have read which content so you can automatically score them as leads and nurture them until they’re ready for a sale. Like to learn more or discuss how to customize your content? Just 781 599-3262 or email at (781) 599-3262.


Author: Bob Scheier
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