I recently spent a fascinating hour podcasting with several colleagues (and new acquaintances) on how blogs and other “social media” are changing tech journalism and tech PR. One striking comment came from veteran PR professional Lois Paul, who says many clients are scared of the effort involved in blogging.

“The biggest question CEOs ask is `How the heck am I going to do a blog when I spend 90 percent of my time talking to customers, trying to run my company?” says Lois. “They’re just terrified of getting something started that they can’t keep up.”

It’s a good point, but the fact the CEO is meeting customers every day is exactly why they should invest the time and energy to blog. Their customers give them their best ideas, their freshest insights and their most accurate readings on the market.

Of course (as Lois and her staff are quick to point out) it’s vital to focus the blog on key customers and their concerns. Finding and tracking that audience is an evolving process, one that her staff is working hard to understand, as you’ll see on their own blog.) But if you think of how much you learned last time you visited a customer, why not use those insights to keep your name in front of your other customers?

Writing a blog does take time, but so does any marketing or sales activity. If it’s worthwhile enough, find the time and money to do it.

Author: Bob Scheier
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