If you’re doing well you’re not alone: My survey last month of marketing professionals and free-lancers showed that 75 percent reported doing “great” with the rest saying they were doing “OK.” Three quarters cited their “great reputation for quality and service,” with half also citing their marketing efforts and a feeling that clients are “still executing on plans they budgeted for last year.”

At the same time, to prepare for a possible downturn, thee out of four are ramping up marketing efforts to attract new clients, and half are monitoring and collecting receivables more aggressively. Only one in four are requesting more payment up front, or deferring/postponing hiring or spending.

In a recent column, eWeek Editorial Director Eric Lundquist had some ideas about why the tech sector is doing so well. One is that strong international sales (69 percent of HP’s sales, for example) will cushion a domestic downturn. He also points out that new technologies such as virtualization require buying new products but drive down operating costs over time – an attractive value proposition in a downturn. Finally, he suggests, many companies formed after the dot-com bust “are now ready to enter the marketplace” which means they need marketing help. A recent Boston Globe story pointed to the same trends as a prime reason high-tech companies in my backyard here in Massachusetts are still hiring.

Judging by my flow of incoming queries, interest in marketing work in strong, but companies (and investors) are asking a lot of tough questions about return on investment before opening the purchase order. Check out my suggestions (below) for making a Web site redo go easier and more quickly.

Author: Bob Scheier
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