I’ve recently been through several Web site rewriting projects, which turned out to be far more than what the client (or I) bargained for. What seemed at first to be a relatively simple exercise in writing or rewriting as bunch of 400-500 page Web pages turned into a much more exhaustive exercise in clarifying the client’s actual value proposition, their key differentiators, and even their target market.

Before you sit down to redo the messaging on your Web site, take this simple test I developed with the help of Lauren Curley, a former managing director at the Horn Group who’s now an independent public relations and communications consultant and has been through this mill recently as well.

1) Can all members of your executive team agree on a three-sentence description of what your company does and, more importantly, what it does better than the competition?
2) Can all members of your executive team agree on a three-sentence description of your target market? Are they end users, independent software vendors, OEMs, or service providers such as ISPs? Which market is most important, and why?
3) Finally, have you run all this by at least one impartial observer who can tell you how well your claims will play in the marketplace?

If you can’t answer “yes” to all three questions, be prepared for your Web site rewrite project to take far more time and effort than you expect. My suggestion: Either do this homework first, or make the “self-analysis” a separate, and important, part of your engagement with the writer.

Author: Bob Scheier
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