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Content marketing security response sequence

Content Cookbook: Selling Security Response


(One in an ongoing series of sample IT drip content marketing campaigns. Feel free to steal this sequence or, if you’d like help customizing one for your needs, email or call at 781 599-3262.) Antivirus products are “doomed to failure.” So says, of all people, Symantec, even though it gets 40% of its revenue from AV. […]


Ask too few questions on a qualification form that “gates” your content and you can’t identify and track the best prospects. But probe too deeply about their employer, business function, budget or purchase schedule and they’ll abandon your site for a competitor’s. The answer, of course, is progressive profiling. Don’t ask for their whole identity […]

How to promote advanced certification from a vendor.

Get More Oomph From Your Vendor Certifications


Congratulations! You just got “premium” or “advanced” or “platinum” or “really hot stuff” certification from a vendor whose products or services you sell. Who cares? You do, because you know how much work it took to get that certification. Your customers should care, too. But how can they if you don’t tell them specifically how […]

sales campaign cloud services

Content Cookbook #1: Selling Cloud Services


(One in an ongoing series of sample drip content marketing campaigns for IT vendors. Feel free to steal this sequence or, if you’d like help customizing one for your needs, email or call at 781 599-3262.) Despite (or because of) all the hype, many customers are still confused about the different types of cloud services, […]

Confused businessman

Need Content? Think Before You Write


Before spending time, effort and money just to get some content in front of customers, stop and think about what they need to know and how your content will keep you top of mind for their next purchase. Sound obvious? I thought so, too, but according to Forrester Research Vice President Laura Amos, a lot […]

Testing databases for DevOps

Next: DevOps for Databases?


Earlier this year in a report for PricewaterhouseCoopers’ technologyforecast, I dove deep into the tools and processes required to merge development and operations and speed applications to market. Yaniv Yehuda, the CTO and co-founder of DBmaestro, called to say we’d forgotten the vital other half of the DevOps story: The databases without which all those […]


“What do I write next?” At each stage of a drip marketing campaign, you need something different, interesting, and compelling to keep the reader engaged as they move from awareness to consideration to comparison to purchase. Showing readers why they should care about an ongoing story is a challenge newspaper, broadcast and trade press editors […]


Is Big Data – the analysis of a very large volume of varied data coming in very quickly – only for big companies? Not at all, according to a recent report we at the Competitive Edge Research Reports unit of Triangle Publishing (with whom I am associated) wrote for Dell Software  . The report summarized […]

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