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Testing databases for DevOps

Next: DevOps for Databases?


Earlier this year in a report for PricewaterhouseCoopers’ technologyforecast, I dove deep into the tools and processes required to merge development and operations and speed applications to market. Yaniv Yehuda, the CTO and co-founder of DBmaestro, called to say we’d forgotten the vital other half of the DevOps story: The databases without which all those […]


“What do I write next?” At each stage of a drip marketing campaign, you need something different, interesting, and compelling to keep the reader engaged as they move from awareness to consideration to comparison to purchase. Showing readers why they should care about an ongoing story is a challenge newspaper, broadcast and trade press editors […]


Is Big Data – the analysis of a very large volume of varied data coming in very quickly – only for big companies? Not at all, according to a recent report we at the Competitive Edge Research Reports unit of Triangle Publishing (with whom I am associated) wrote for Dell Software  . The report summarized […]


I’ve recently been working with a client on a series of “thought leadership” white papers. They have a lot of great, innovative ideas, but when I ask for case studies and proof points to prove their ideas work, they often come up short. My research uncovered an excellent post from Candyce Edelen, the CEO and […]

how to handle negative comments on Facebook

You’re Being Hated on Facebook. Now What?


Sprint is definitely thinking out of the book with its cheeky, even snarky marketing of wireless services. They’re shaking up other providers with lower rates and new calling plans, even offering to pay early termination fees for customers defecting from their competitors. But when it comes to the many ugly customer complaints on their Facebook […]

When should I create secondary personas

When Are “Secondary Personas” Worth It?


“Secondary” personas are detailed prospect profiles that marketers use to better understand what content to send to various potential customers. For example, in one successful persona-based content marketing campaign, global information vendor IHS used “secondary” personas to create custom content sequences for sub-groups with specific content needs. Unfortunately, these sub-personas aren’t free. They cost time […]

when to fire inbound marketing client

When Should You Fire a Client Gone Bad?


 I recently heard from two colleagues (one a HubSpot partner, the other a user of a leading marketing automation platform) about customer engagements that seem doomed to failure. My question is: When do you decide to cut bait with such clients? Partnership Pain One case involves a start-up with promising technology, but limited budget and […]

Man with black mask in studio

How “Secondary” Personas Boost B2B Sales


Building personas (profiles of the customers you most want to sell to) is like flossing. You know you should do it, but it always seems to be too much time and trouble. Besides, you’re not sure it’s that it’s worthwhile. If that sounds like you, take a lunch break to watch this 30-minute video from […]

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