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2015 trends B2B content marketing

Can We Lead With Value in 2015?


Another day, yet another lament about how lame business-to-business (B2B) marketing content can be. The latest eye-rolling comes from Forrester Research, courtesy of a report in AdAge. It quoted Laura Ramos, a vice president and principal analyst at Forrester, on her review of 30 B2B Web sites in in the technology, software, investing, medical products, […]

finding marketing writers

Should Everyone Be a Writer?


The insightful Ann Handley recently created ten ways to create a “culture of writing” to get more of your experts creating content for demand generation, inbound marketing, and social media marketing campaigns. Some of them are useful, others I’m less sure about. But is the whole idea of getting every subject matter expert (SME) in […]


Just in time (hopefully) for your 2015 industry trend prediction posts, here are five things to do right, courtesy of security and mobile cloud services provider Neohapsis and their excellent list of 215 security predictions. (No, Neophasis is NOT a client and I had nothing to do with this list of predictions.) Kind of wish […]

best practices case study

What? You Skipped These In Your Case Study?


While revising a series of case studies for a global IT services company, I found myself asking them over and over: What did you do for your client that was different or better than what either the client or your competitors could have done? How did your work help your client’s bottom line? These two seemingly […]


Over the last ten years or so, virtualization has taken over the world of X86-based servers. Creating pools of “virtual” servers on single physical machines slashed capital and operating costs for in-house data centers. It also let newcomers like Amazon Web Services rent out slices of their ginormous compute, storage and network resources to anyone […]

using third party data for progressive profiling of B2B prospects

Should We Really “Think Like Publishers?”


Just when we all got used to the idea that “every vendor should be a publisher” comes word that, indeed, they shouldn’t. They instead need to be marketers who publish content to achieve specific business objectives. It’s one of a number of good points in a very useful presentation “Yeah, it’s content, but is it […]

best content B2B buyers

Is Our Content Turning Off Tech Buyers?


Recent research  from on-line IT marketer Spiceworks says yes.  Their users don’t give a hoot about spray-and-pray email blasts or mindless product promos on Facebook. What does keep them caring about and buying from vendors, says Spiceworks, are personal, technical responses to their questions from someone who sees them as a person, not just a […]

transformation in marketing campaigns

Is “Transformation” Bad For Marketing?


Everywhere from interior decorating to education to healthcare, everyone’s claiming they deliver “transformation.” But when it comes to  selling information technology and services, is the “T” word an effective value promise, or a vague buzzword that sets both the buyer and seller up for trouble? I’m curious to hear from other marketers about how your […]

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